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ESOS Phase 2, TM44 Inspections and Energy Efficiency

Aug 2, 2018

Why do clients choose Smart GreenTech Solutions for quality TM44 inspections, ESOS Phase 2 compliance and energy efficiency audits?

We love what we do and are passionate about delivering TM44 inspections and improving the energy efficiency through our ESOS Phase 2 audits

Smart GreenTech Solutions: Micronics Energy Calculator used regularly to survey heating and air conditioning systems.

Smart Greentech Solutions, a multi award winning, independent consultancy use Micronics Minocal energy calculators on a regular basis to carry out TM44 inspections and energy surveys on heating and air conditioning systems for clients such as schools, hotels, care homes and commercial buildings, across the UK. London based Smart GreenTech Solutions Limited recognises that a commitment to tackling climate change is becoming increasingly important to businesses and their clients as a result of the current economic situation, climate change and rising energy costs. Smart Greentech Solutions was found in 2011 with the key objective of challenging the norm and finding better ways to deliver healthy and sustainable workplaces which significantly improve the Health and Wellbeing of occupants, whilst reducing asset life cycle costs.

They develop projects which optimise the operation, control and maintenance of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems. They specialise in TM44 Inspections, ESOS compliance, energy efficiency and indoor air quality audits. Pierre Olivier, founder and MD of Smart GreenTech Solutions hired a Micronics Minocal heat meter in association with a portable PF330 Micronics Ultrasonic Flow Meter at the beginning of 2015 for a project at an independent school in Wiltshire which involved the development of a district heating scheme, incorporating an existing biomass heating system. As there was no heat and/or gas sub metering installed he needed to install non-intrusive heat meters to determine the load profiles of the respective buildings over a 24 - hour period. It became obvious that the meter was so useful and became used so regularly that Olivier decided to purchase one outright. The Minocal is compatible with any flow meter and a pulse logger converts the output pulses into useful consumption and load profiles. It is quick and easy to set up and is MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) approved. The Micronics Minocal is one of the most up-to-date, modern heat calculators currently available on the market and was ideal for Smart GreenTech’s needs. Pierre Olivier and his team will continue to rely on the Minocal to help fulfil their objectives and would recommend them to others with similar challenges. “We first selected Micronics as the supplier due to their extensive experience with ultrasonic, flow measurement technology and their competitive pricing in comparison to similar technology solutions. We have found the after sales support from them to be excellent. We take pride in finding solutions for our clients’ requirements, however complex the challenge and the Minocal helps us do this.

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