Delivering Energy Efficiency through experienced Energy Consultants

Why choose energy consultants from Smart GreenTech Solutions to improve your energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs?

Our highly experienced and accredited energy consultants have extensive experience of energy auditing, identifying and developing cost effective energy efficiency projects which will significantly reduce your energy consumption and costs.

At Smart GreenTech Solutions our energy efficiency consultants provide expert advice on cost effective energy reduction strategies which will significantly reduce your energy costs.

Our energy consultants have extensive experience in identifying, developing and delivering significant energy savings on heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems, and are all CIBSE accredited and registered on the Register of Professional Energy Consultants (RPEC).

We dont just focus on replacing equipment with more energy efficient equipment, but specialise in optimising the operation, control and maintenance of existing heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems, which provide significant savings and an exceptional return on your investment.

We use a variety of tools to benchmark and analyse the energy consumption profiles of your systems and buildings, which provides our energy consultants with an early indication of the potential savings.

Our energy efficiency consultants follow a simple 3 stage approach to identify, develop and design your projects:

Stage 1: Opportunity Day - a free and no obligation initial visit to your building to provide a high level assessment of the potential improvement measures and associated energy savings

Stage 2: Feasibility Study - conduct a prelim tech/commercial assessment of the chosen improvement measures

Stage 3: Detailed Analysis - detailed development/design of the agreed improvement measures to tender/implementation inclusive of a comprehensive business case

Our approach to energy efficiency is to understand the original design intent of your system and/or building and compare that with the actual operation of the system and/or building, and compile an energy balance to identify where and when energy is being consumed.

During the feasibility study we will establish the baseline, from which we can accurately simulate the benefits and impact on energy savings, emissions, operating costs and occupant comfort for any proposed improvement measure to the buildings envelope (windows, insulation/air tightness of walls/roofs etc.), building systems/equipment (free cooling/heat recovery, improve efficiency or upgrade equipment) and renewable systems.

This and the extensive experience of our energy consultants allows us to accurately predict the energy consumption, energy savings, CO2 emissions, operating costs and occupant comfort of our designs, and test compliance to the relevant Building Regulations and Codes at an early stage.

We provide a design to tender service or turnkey project delivery solutions, which will be tailored to your specific requirements.

If you would like to speak to our team of energy consultants about moving forward with our services, you can contact us to discuss your requirements on 03300 881451. Alternatively, feel free to leave your details on our contact form and we will get straight back to you.

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