Commercial Indoor Air Quality audits and improvement plans

Why choose Smart GreenTech Solutions to conduct Indoor Air Quality audits and the development of indoor air quality improvement plans and reports specific to your commercial buildings in London and the UK

We are passionate about improving the indoor air quality of commercial buildings in London and the UK, and our goal is to create healthy and sustainable working environments, which is reflected in all the indoor air quality audits which we have delivered and associated improvement plans and reports.

Health, Wellbeing and productivity in the workplace is directly related to indoor air quality and your employees satisfaction with the indoor environment.

Indoor air quality in the workplace is a collective effort that brings together all workplace management and supporting disciplines responsible for the operation, cleaning, maintenance and ongoing management of your buildings.

At Smart GreenTech Solutions we specialise in indoor air quality audits and the development of commercially viable indoor air quality improvement plans which significantly improve the productivity and wellbeing of occupants whilst reducing asset lifecycle costs.

We achieve this through an integrated approach which targets the optimisation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and associated control systems as they are responsible for around 70% of the energy consumption in commercial buildings, and has a direct impact on indoor air quality and occupant satisfaction.

Our key differentiator is that we don't just identify the baseline performance and conduct the certification at the back end, but specialise in developing tailored and realistic indoor air quality improvement plans, as well as the design and delivery of the improvement measures which significantly improves the indoor air quality of our clients workplaces.

We can support you from the initial baseline analysis and audits, to the development of improvements measures and full Well Certification if required, or tailor a solution to satisfy your individual indoor air quality requirements.

If you would like to speak to us about moving forward with our indoor air quality services, you can contact us to discuss your requirements on 03300 881451. Alternatively, feel free to leave your details on our contact form and we will get straight back to you.

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